Inspire magazine give 5+2 a hearty 8/10

Review from Stuart Dearsley at Inspire magazine

“One Step Lantern feature songs by Oli Nicholls, a UK worship leader from Birmingham. The choice of band name is inspired by Psalm 119:105 whilst the album name comes from the story of the feeding of the 5000.

When you pick the album up you’d be forgiven for thinking quite a few cover versions are in store, with titles such as Amazing Love and Shine Jesus Shine. However, these are original songs with the same title and excellent tracks in their own right.

All in all I did enjoy listening to what is a good debut worship album from an as yet unsigned artist. The songs range from up tempo rock sounds to slower pieces and they are all easy to pick up and sing along to. The words have been carefully thought through and are very much Scripture-based.

Certaionly worth a listen and hopefully Oli gets himself a deal soon. For more information go to

8/10 Stuart Dearsley”


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Raising serious money for World Vision…

It was a privilege and a pleasure to lead worship at the World Vision day of prayer . It was a day that focussed on God’s love, in particular this passage from 1 John.

Those of you who’ve read previous posts on this blog will already know that part of the vision for the album “5+2” is for it to be an offering that God can somehow use to help the poor * – a connection of worship and justice. So for the month of October, 100% of revenue generated by sales of the album through the shop, Itunes, amazon or spotify will go to World Vision … after that, profits after publishing costs.

Dreaming big… it would be great to sell 1,000 copies and raise £10,000/ US$16,500/ AU$15,700 / NZ$19,700 for a World Vision project that will help lift children and their communities out of poverty. Can you help spread the word, by talking about it on facebook and twitter? It seems like an impossible dream, but would be so amazing… and we have a God who can do abundantly more than we ask or imagine! Let’s get selling!

Visit the shop

* A bit about the vision behind the music – as well as having a strong focus on scripture in the lyrics (“One Step Lantern” comes from Psalm 119:105), the vision is to bring what we have to meet the needs of others. It first took a meagre offering of 5 loaves and 2 fish (5+2!) before Jesus fed 5,000 people (account in Matthew 14:13-21). In that account, Jesus first tells his disciples to feed the crowd. They cobble together 5 loaves and 2 fish. Jesus takes their meagre offering, breaks it and more than meets the needs of the people gathered through it. In the same way, we are called to bring what we have to Jesus to meet the needs of others – it might be money, but it might be music, art, initiative, skills and so on. Whatever we bring, Jesus can take it, break it, and use it for his purposes… in this case, it’s music!

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A spot of mischief…

A bit of fun…

So “5+2” has been dispatched to a number of high-profile Christian folk, including some top-notch worship leaders. As yet most of them haven’t responded, or more importantly tweeted about how utterly excellent it is. This is completely understandable as they are busy people and no doubt get sent loads of CDs in the course of a year. But I wouldn’t want them to be deprived of a listen. I’m sure that neither would you.

So I think a spot of mischief is called for… just to draw their attention to the musical offering that is “5+2”. And lo, I propose a twitter flash-mob.

We’ll start with the web and social media savvy Vicky Beeching. The idea will be for a bunch of One Step Lantern likers to tweet her a message. We need a load of people to make it work – read on for the method.

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Crossrhythms review “5+2” – and give it 9/10

Reviewed by Tim Holden, Crossrhythms

One Step Lantern is the recording persona of Birmingham’s Oli Nicholls. From the opening jangling guitars and distorted vocals of “Reigns Forever” this album has its heart well and truly on its independent sleeve. “Trust” brings in a piano-led sound and “Good News” is a straight rock number that would not be out of place on a Soul Survivor or Phil Wickham album.

Oli is equally at home writing the quieter and more reflective material such as “Magnificat” with its quirky drum rhythm and he delivers them all with aplomb. Unlike nom-de-disc (look up Psalm 119:105) and album title (feeding of the 5000 in Matthew) the lyrics are not at all cryptic and seek to connect worshippers to the heart of God and are solidly based in the Bible.

The tracks are well arranged and produced and use the backing vocals and instrumentation to bring light and shade to the sound. ‘5 + 2’ is a really good album and one can only speculate as to whether it would sound any better with the kind of budget some American albums have thrown at them.

You will definitely be hearing more of Oli in the future.

Rating 9/10

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Premier Radio play “Good News”

Premier Radio are going to play “Good News” tonight (Saturday 7th July) between 6pm and 7pm. It will be on the “Unsigned” show as Demo of the week.

You can listen online, or via 1305 1332 1413 MW, Sky Digital 0123, Freeview 725 and National DAB.

Please tune in and tweet @premierunsigned and @premierradio. Let them know what you think of @OneStepLantern!

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9/10 Review from for 5+2

Just back from India, having been visiting some of World Vision’s projects over there. Projects that are helping the very poorest in society to break the cycle of poverty. It was great to witness such a gritty and true expression of worship, and it really made a number of the justice themed songs on the album come to life for me (will blog about that shortly). Stoked to return to this awesome review on – big thanks to Sam Hailes for this:

“Buying an independent album is always risky. With no backing from a recognised label, you never quite know if the CD will be any good.

So it was with some apprehension that I inserted new artist One Step Lantern’s CD 5+2 into my laptop.

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Away with the noise of your songs…

Away with the noise of your songs!
I will not listen to the music of your harps.
But let justice roll on like a river,
righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Amos 5:23&24

And with that, the album was launched. Ha ha ha…

It’s funny the things God reminds you of the day before you launch an album of worship music! I was sat in church on Sunday evening listening to a talk about our broken world, and God’s heart for us as Christ’s followers to “bring the kingdom” in our worship of Him. And so I started reflecting on us singing our songs of worship at church.

I do think sung worship has an important role in our church communities. It is uniting. It is powerful. It can embed truth into our hearts and it reminds us as worshippers that we serve and submit to a greater God. Yet I’ve always been struck by these verses in Amos. They are addressed to the Israelites, a worshipping community that at the time had completely lost its way.

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